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Play Soap Opera Dash arcade game. Rosie wants to make the best Soap Opera that has ever been created but she can't do it alone. Help Rosie fulfill her dream of filming the best Soap Opera ever.

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Soap Opera Dash Review



Entertaining features throughout the game. A nice change from the regular dash games. The storyline, features and atmosphere fit perfectly into the theme.

May seem a little easy for veteran to the genre. Comparitivly short.

Help Rosie film the best Soap Opera that has ever been made.

Rosie has a dream of filming the very best Soap Opera ever but she can't do it alone. You will need to help Rosie run sets and make sure all the actors are kept happy in this new exciting Time Management game! In order for Rosie to film her hit TV show she must keep things behind the scenes running smoothly. Rosie will get much needed help from her best friends! Wow the critics by upgrading your props and set locations! Do you have what it takes to help Rosie film the best Soap Opera ever?

Soap Opera Dash features 50 levels in which you follow Rosie and other characters from DinerTown to star in her very own game. The game can be seen as an interesting mix of the Diner Dash series and Sally's Salon game. Earn the expert goal in each level by earning points throughout the game.

The tasks Rosie must perform are diverse. There are make-up stations, hair styling stations and of course there's fitting rooms, where Rosie goes to prepare actors for a scene. Rosie must answer to all the actors demands on time. Some will require onions to improve their acting while others will be hungry and want food.

Special features will keep Rosie run off her feet. Impatient movie critics will show up demanding burgers in a hurry and adimate fans will be trying hard to get an autograph from their favorite actor. After each scene Rosie must clean each set ready for the next and to make matters worse props can get broken which will need to be fixed. There is always so much to do and the pace is super quick from the very beginning of the game.

The upgrade system is a very good feature worth mentioning. As with other games in the genre Soap Opera Dash has many upgradable options. Stations can be improved upon, Rosies speed can be increased and Bernie, the script writer can work faster in preparing the scripts for each scene. This is just a few of the very good upgrades that are on offer.

To find out if Soap Opera Dash is the game for you we highly recommend downloading and playing the free version.

Fast Paced action
Sweetest lovable characters
Help Rosie film the best soap opera

Download Soap Opera Dash game

Soap Opera Dash
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Mac Version
Have a Mac? Need to download Soap Opera Dash for your Mac? Download the free version for Mac here.

Soap Opera Dash for Mac

Game Requirements
OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or above
CPU: 1.2GHz or faster
Processor RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 8 or higher
Hard Drive: 79MB

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