Mario Ghosthouse online

Play Mario Ghosthouse free online

Play Mario Ghosthouse online without having to download anything. Help Mario through every room of the haunted house collecting all the coins along the way and avoiding the baddies that will slow you down.

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Mario Ghosthouse Online

Mario Ghosthouse is a free flash game you can play online in your browser without the need to download anything. After Mario took a shortcut he got lost in a haunted house. It's your job to help Mario with all the puzzles and free him. Hints - starring at big boo will make him freeze and jump at boo baddies to scare them back. Collect all the coins to reveal a hidden door and open up new worlds. To win the game Mario must make it all the way through the haunted house. You start the game with 9 lives. Mario Ghosthouse has to be one of my favorite Mario games. It kept me playing for hours. Unfortunately I have not yet made it all the way to the end but I am assured that the game does have a wicked ending if you manage to get through all 20 rooms of the haunted house. Play Mario Ghosthouse free online now!

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How to play Mario Ghosthouse game

Up key - jump or go through a door
Left and right arrow keys - move right or left
Down arrow - duck or squat down
A key - run

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