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Play Mario Forever online without having to download anything. Mario Forever is totally free and can be played in your browser.

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Mario World 3 Online

Take control of your favourite little italian plumber, Mario and help Princess Peach escape from the evil bowser. Play through animated worlds, jumping on all the baddies while you collect coins. Gain more coins by smashing bricks. Smash bricks with question marks for other bonuses such as the red mushroom which will make Mario enlarge. Some of the green pipes will take Mario to other area's so check them all in case your missing out on other world's. Mario Forever Flash is a 2D platformer game created by Softendo and based on the original Super Mario games on the Super Nintendo and Nitendo 64 consoles. Play all the colorful worlds in Mario Forever Flash and save the Princess before it's to late.

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How to play Mario World 3 game

M key - Turns music on and off
ESC key - To pause the game
Arrow keys - Moves mario
Z key - Mario jumps
S key - Toggles sound

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Mario World 3

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