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Nanny Mania

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Nanny Mania

Sim Game

Nanny Mania is a simulation game where you need to manage a busy household which you have been hired to help. To have to attend to all the families needs. Just like the popular game the sims you need to keep the house in good shape, you must care for the children, prepare the families meals, and teach the family how to run the household properly. You can earn loads of upgrades for the house to help you. Your family will grow to appreciate all you do as a real life Nanny!

Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB

Microsoft DirectX is available here free.

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Nanny Mania Comments & Questions
Review By - Millie
Date - 3 August 2007
Rating -
Nanny Mania is the best game ever. i'm completey addicted to it.
Review By - Crissy
Date - 23 June 2007
Rating -
I haven't played this game yet, it's because l'm not allowed to download it!! So l was wondering, WHEN IS THE FULL OR OTHER VERSION GOING TO BE ONLINE?!
Review By - lyndsey
Date - 20 June 2007
Rating -
Hiya! Nanny mania is ace, I wish you could play the full version online but if you want to play the demo version online then go to You can play it there until gatorgamez has it online. ne way there is loads of ova games like this, if you have any ideas then please let me kno coz i would really like to play them, thanks linzi.

Review By - lyndsey
Date - 20 June 2007
Rating -
Can anyone please tell me if you can play the full version online and if you can what is the site? oh and this game is great!

Answered by - Gatorgamez
We will do our best to have Nanny Mania available to play online this week.


Review By - vicki
Date - 20 June 2007
Rating -
I LOVE Nanny Mania!
Review By - akanksha
Date - 19 June 2007
Rating -
I have not played but want to play it but i cant download it. Can anyone tell me where to find Nanny Mania online??
Review By - tomoko
Date - 10 June 2007
Rating -
Its so kawai but the older brother is a baka! lol awesome game.
Review By - Rachael
Date - 2 June 2007
Rating -
I thought this game was amazing. Its just like the sims. I would recommend making the trial longer as i think i was onto the last level and i wanted to finish it! Great Game.
Review By - Angela
Date - 2 June 2007
Rating -
I've not played the game, but it sounds great. Our computer can't download games atm, so I'd really like to find it online to play. Any ideas??
Review By - ASHI
Date - 31 May 2007
Rating -
Nanny Mania is a good game, a must play, some little negative points included in the game as well, but the final conclusion says it's a good game.
Review By - Cascada
Date - 30 May 2007
Rating -
I played this game at my friends but does anyone know where I can play this game online?
Review By - Denisa
Date - 29 May 2007
Rating -
It is awesome games.....i am denisa and i am from slovakia i dont good write english sorry.
Review By - Louise
Date - 26 May 2007
Rating -
I just love Nanny Mania.
Review By - Chelsea
Date - 24 May 2007
Rating -
I think that Nannymania is so awsome and yet so addicting I can't stop thinking about it. My friend told me that it was a really good game so I tried it and this is my second time playing the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review By - Suki
Date - 22 May 2007
Rating -
Didn't play...would love to be able to play it online.
Review By - Janee
Date - 22 May 2007
Rating -
I like dis game and its a good experience to see how it is to be a nanny :)

Review By - Rachael
Date - 19 May 2007
Rating -
Loved the game! Loved the concept! Loved everything about Nanny Mania. Everyone needs to try this game. I downloaded the free version and finished it and am going to get the full version.

Review By - Caper
Date - 17 May 2007
Rating -
I just tried the demo version of Nanny Mania and it's absolutely brilliant. I will be investing in the full version in a day or two. The music is a bit dull for me the gameplay is excellent. Nanny Mania is the kind of game I LOVE. I hope more versions of this game come out in the future.
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Nanny Mania Nanny Mania
Manage a busy household, hone your multi-tasking skills, and balance the needs of the family youve been hired to help!
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