Play Time Mysteries Inheritance game

Play Time Mysteries Inheritance game

Vivien Ambrose must search for her father who was kidnapped by the evil time traveler and find the 7 missing magic rings along the way. Play Time Mysteries Inheritance free for PC or Mac and get free access to the complete game walkthrough

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Download Time Mysteries Inheritance game free for PC or Mac

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Time Mysteries Inheritance Review



There is heaps to do and the new scrolling mode is a welcomed feature.

No journal to record important information as we see in other games of this genre.

Help Vivien Ambrose rescue her father from the evil time traveler.

Physicist Vivien Ambrose father has been kidnapped by the evil time traveler. It just so happens that Vivien's father is a time traveler himself and it's not long before Vivien learns that she herself is one as well. In fact Vivien's entire family has the ability to time travel all thanks to seven magic rings which Vivien has. As Vivien sets out in search of her father she looses the rings through time. Now while she is in pursuit of her father, she now has to also search for the seven magic rings.

As with most other hidden object games, Time Mysteries Inheritance has 2 games modes, regular mode and expert mode. Regular mode will give players shorter recharge times for hints and also shows area's of interest by sparkling.

This game lacks many of the new features we see in other hidden object games. There is nothing to open, no items are hidden behind objects so there is no interactive area's and there no combining pieces to use them. You get a list of items to search. There's nothing more to it, but I find this style of gameplay a big hit with younger hidden object fans.

Apart from hidden object scenes you will also get tons of puzzles.This provides a little more variety to the game. One feature that is different to other hidden object games is the hint system. Other hidden object games will give you unlimited hints but you need to wait for each to recharge between each use. Time Mysteries inheritance has a hint system that is very different. You start the game with 4 hints and these hints can be used at any time during the game. Once the hints are gone the only way of getting more is to play a Bejeweled style game to get more.

If your not concerned about new features and love originality then Time Mysteries Inheritance could be for you. Download and play free for PC or Mac to see if this game is what you are after.

Tons of hidden object scenes
Travel through time
Find Viviens father and the seven magic rings

Download Time Mysteries Inheritance game

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Mac Version
Have a Mac? Need to download Time Mysteries Inheritance for your Mac? Download the free version for Mac here.

Time Mysteries Inheritance for Mac

Game Requirements
OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or above
CPU: 1.4GHz or faster
Processor RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 9 or higher

Gift option available
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Time Mysteries Inheritance Game Hints Tips and Cheats

Replenish hints by playing quick rounds of a match 3 style game.
The diary at the bottom of the game screen will show will show the tasks you need to complete.
If your cursor turns into a magnifying glass it means you can take a closer look at the area.
Free access to the complete Time Mysteries Inheritance game walkthrough at BFG.

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