Fiction Fixers The Curse of Oz game

Play Fiction Fixers The Curse of Oz game

Play Fiction Fixers The Curse of Oz hidden object game. Help save the land of Oz from the evil Victor Vile in this new hidden object adventure! Meet the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Lion and use all your powers to overcome obstacles along the way!

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Fiction Fixers The Curse of Oz Review



Map system is an excellent feature. Brilliant storyline. Colorful scenes with complimenting audio.

Repetitive scenes and unnecessary backtracking.

Help save Dorothy, the scarecrow, the tinman and the lion from the evil Victor Vile and the wicked witch of the west.

After being promoted you can finally work on the next case alone. A routine check on the The world of Oz suddenly turns into an unforgettable adventure . The evil Victor Vile is now partners with the wicked witch of the west. The evil pair are erecting towers that is leaving Oz in darkness and consuming all the people. Your task is to help protect Dorothy and Toto as they set out to travel across the land of Oz hoping to find a way home to Kansas. You will team up with characters we have all grown to love, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Lion. As you set out you will need to use all your powers to overcome great obstacles along the way but beware! The Wicked Witch and Victor Vile are out to stop you at your every move! Can you save Dorothy and the Land of Oz in this fun Hidden Object Adventure game?

Through hidden object scenes you will get the tools needed to progress through the many levels the game has. You will visit locations like Dorothy's home in Kansas to the Emerald City and beyond. You will also meet Glinda, the nice witch from the south while you shut down Vile's towers freeing Oz from his grasp.

As characters join your team you will also need to use their skills to help you pass certain obstacles. The Tinman can clear fallen timber blocking your way, the Lion can jump over gaps and of coarse the Scarecrow can scare crows! Be warned that Vile will try and break up the team.

The map system is a good feature. It show us what area's we have visited and what locations still need to be completed. Many area's in the game will need to be visited more than once. This backtracking turns some players away from a game so to be sure this is the game for you we recommend download and playing the free version.

Colorful scenes
Exciting story
Help save Oz

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Game Requirements
OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or above
CPU: 1GHz or faster
Processor RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 9 or higher
Hard Drive: 435MB

Gift option available
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Game Hints Tips and Cheats

There are two game modes regular and expert.
In regular mode the hint and skip meter will fill up faster then in expert mode.
You are able to change difficulty at any time.
You will be shown a brief tutorial at the start of the game.
Hidden objects are randomized so solutions will differ.
Check the current tasks by clicking on Dorothy.
If you get stuck check the map for locations you haven't finished.
An hourglasses mean there are hidden object scenes to complete.
Free access to the complete Fiction Fixers The Curse of Oz game walkthrough at BFG.

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Play Fiction Fixers The Curse of Oz free!


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