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Play more free simulation games here at gatorgamez. Here we have many more sim games that will keep every gamer playing for hours. Page 2 of our sim games have many more popular titles such as the very popular Virtual Families, Nancy Drew series, Virtual Villagers, Sherlock Holmes series and more. Play more of our free simulation games NOW!

Hidden Mysteries Buckingham Palace game sale

Play more free Simulation games PAGE 2

Play Journey to the center of the earth FREE

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Join Ariane as she explores an unkown world of fascinating and fantastical civilizations hidden beneath the surface of the Earth [...]

Play Hotel Giant FREE

Hotel Giant
Observe your customers and build out your very own hotel to their liking in this unique and beautifully rendered Simulation game [...]

Play Safecracker FREE

Play the role of an expert safecracker and find the hidden deed to riches within and extravagant mansion [...]

Virtual Families

Virtual Families
Take care of your families needs and desires. Earn money by finding an occupation, decorate the house to keep your family happy and healthy [...]

Wandering Willows

Wandering Willows
After a bird pecks a hole in your hot air balloon you land on an island full of adventure and wildlife [...]

Sinking Island

Sinking Island
A billionaire has been murdered on a tropical island, and it`s up to Detective Jack Norm to crack the case! Can you solve the mystery [...]

The Legend of Crystal Valley

The Legend of Crystal Valley
Help Eve find her missing father and learn all about The Legend of Crystal Valley! Solve complex puzzles in this Adventure game [...]

Echo Secret of the Lost Cavern

Echo Secret of the Lost Cavern
Help Arok navigate an underground maze filled with tribal magic and ancient denizens so he may fulfill his destiny [...]

Red Cross Emergency Response Unit

Red Cross Emergency Response Unit
Save scores of disaster victims by taking contol of your own Red Cross Emergency Response Unit in this thrilling game of life or death [...]


Children have been kidnapped! Track them down as a forensic investigator in this realistic Large File Adventure game [...]

Art of Murder FBI Confidential

Art of Murder FBI Confidential
Play as Special Agent Nicole Bonnet as you investigate the gritty streets of New York on the trail of a heinous ritual murderer [...]

Nancy Drew The Haunting of Castle Malloy

Nancy Drew The Haunting of Castle Malloy
Mystery is afoot at Castle Malloy! Unveil a ghostly legend and find the vanished groom in this chilling adventure game [...]

Zoo Vet 2 Endangered Animals

Zoo Vet 2 Endangered Animals
Save endangered animals as a real-life veterinarian operating on broken bones and more in this Brain Teaser [...]

Nancy Drew The Phantom of Venice

Nancy Drew The Phantom of Venice
Tour the Sunken City while interrogating suspects to nail the masked thief in this authentic Adventure game [...]

Virtual Villagers The Secret City is one of the best simulation games

Virtual Villagers The Secret City
Guide a tribe of castaways as they live, breed, and discover secrets about their mysterious home in this real-time sim adventure [...]

Eye for Design

Eye for Design
Help Halle build her reputation in the interior design community and achieve her goal of decorating the world-famous Lord Schmedly`s Manor [...]

If you have played all the above simulation games and still want more, try all the below sim games. We are continually adding to our simulation games database so be sure to check back often.


CSI: NY needs your help to crack some of the most bizarre cases ever! Piece together clues and bring criminals to justice [...]

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened
Travel the world with Sherlock Holmes and his faithful assistant Dr. Watson. Follow the clues and solve mysterious murders [...]

Dracula 3

Dracula 3
Father Arno is wracked with nightmarish visions before traveling to Transylvania to investigate the case of a potential saint [...]

Chocolatier 3 Decadence by Design

Chocolatier 3 Decadence by Design
Travel the globe in search of flavorful and exotic ingredients to customize your own chocolate creations [...]

Egypt 3 The Fate of Ramses

Egypt 3 The Fate of Ramses
Search out the root of an ancient curse that threatens to claim the Pharaoh`s life and reduce his fertile domain to dust [...]

Syberia 2

Syberia 2
The story continues on a train headed east, as Kate Walker and Hans Voralberg search for a mysterious island known as Syberia [...]


Seek out the hidden heir to a legacy built on cities of automatons and other clever machinations [...]

Pet Pals New Leash on Life

Pet Pals New Leash on Life
As a new vet at the Pet Pals Animal Shelter, it`s your job to make sure that the animals are not only healthy, but also happy [...]

Agatha Christie Evil Under the Sun

Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun
Detective Hercule Poirot is back, on the trail of a famous actress who`s been murdered on a luxurious island resort [...]

Floating Kingdoms

Floating Kingdoms
Plan your village and gather resources to build a grand palace on each of the various floating islands of the kingdom [...]

Nancy Drew Dossier Lights Camera Curses

Nancy Drew Dossier Lights Camera Curses
Join Nancy Drew as she goes undercover to expose the truth behind the calamitous production of a cursed Hollywood remake [...]

Airport Mania

Airport Mania
Travel through 8 amusing airports while you land a variety of planes, purchase upgrades, and avoid delays [...]

Wild Thornberrys Australia Wildlife Rescue, Play Wild Thornberrys Australia Wildlife Rescue game FREE

Wild Thornberrys Australia Wild Rescue
Rescue exotic animals, from crocs to koalas, and visit Australia [...]

Play Beauty Factory FREE

Beauty Factory
Become the CEO of a beauty products company and follow your intuition on which products to research, produce, and sell [...]

Snapshot Adventures Secret of Bird Island

Snapshot Adventures Secret of Bird Island
Strap on your camera, grab your magic birdseed and take to the field with Snapshot, the amazing new action photography game [...]

Escape From Paradise Play FREE

Escape From Paradise
Explore the six islands surrounding the main island and unlock new games that will help you gather resources and aid you in your quest [...]

Pet Pals Animal Doctor - Best pet simulation games

Pet Pals Animal Doctor
Quickly learn how to diagnose and treat animal's ailments in this truly original sim game [...]

Democracy,  FREE game - Democracy

Have you got what it takes to run a country [...]

Virtual Villagers A New Home,  FREE game - Virtual Villagers A New Home

Virtual Villagers A New Home
Teach your villagers to survive in this awesome action packed village simulation game [...]

Zoo Vet,  FREE game - Zoo Vet

Zoo Vet
Travel around the zoo, performing check-ups on cuddly otters, dangerous lions, wobbly penguins, and hyper zebras [...]


When it comes to these characters, you make the call. Decide where to work, who to hang out with, and how to relax [...]

King Mania

King Mania
In King Mania you control the different builds with special powers. Use the power to defeat your enemies [...]

Simulation games have became very very popular with gamers, almost if not as popular as our Hidden object games. If you have finished playing all our Simulation games we strongly urge you to download and play our many Hidden Object games.

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The Secret Legacy A Kate Brooks Adventure game
The Secret Legacy A Kate Brooks Adventure

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Virtual Villagers New Believers

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Stray Souls Dollhouse Story

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Jack of All Tribes

Awakening Moonfell Wood game
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Supermarket Mania 2 game
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Soap Opera Dash game
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Hidden Mysteries Salem Secrets game
Hidden Mysteries Salem Secrets

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2. Virtual Villagers New Believers

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5. Awakening Moonfell Wood

6. Jack of All Tribes

7. Hidden Mysteries Salem Secrets

8. Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles

9. Fear for Sale The Mystery of McInroy Manor

10. Mystery Trackers The Void

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