Puzzle games Page 4

Puzzle Games Page 4

Play more free puzzle games here at gatorgamez. Here we offer many more puzzle games that will keep every gamer playing for hours. Page 4 of our puzzle games have many more popular titles such as the very popular Christmas Tale, Age of Japan, Treasure Island, Rise of Japan and more. Play more of our free puzzle games NOW!

Hidden Mysteries Buckingham Palace game sale

Help Dr. Rose Thompson combine different colored proteins to create new cells in this scientific puzzler.

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Archipelago, FREE game - Archipelago Archipelago
Mysterious cubes have ripped Archipelago into four islands. Match cubes and bring the beautiful Archipelago to it's former glory!

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Cash Out Cash Out
Match three or more like pieces in this casino-style matching game. How long can you last?
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Chainz 2 Relinked Chainz 2 Relinked
Link up with the hottest action puzzle on the Web! Create same-colored chains (or "chainz") to remove them from the board.
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Chameleon Gems Chameleon Gems
Control the stone idol chameleon and blast gems before they reach the hole in this action puzzler.
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Click-O-Pack Click-O-Pack
Enjoy 4 games at the price of one - Click Art, Cupidometry, Hawaiian Drops and Pop-a-Pearl. Four times more unforgettable fun!
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Christmas Tale Christmas Tale
Get ready to help Santa Claus make this a unique holiday celebration in this outstanding puzzle game.
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Emerald Tale Emerald Tale
Solve puzzles and break runes to find magic artifacts and rescue the princess from a ferocious dragon.
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Cosmo Lines Cosmo Lines
Travel through the unending universe and connect gems in this cosmic puzzle.
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Age of Japan, Play Age of Japan FREE. Age of Japan
Clear the board by swapping game pieces around to line up three or more matches in a row and make them disappear.

Crazy Eggs Crazy Eggs
Match up lovely dinosaur eggs as you help the tyrannosaurus collect lost ones and make your way off.
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Cryptex of Time Cryptex of Time
Solve mind thrilling puzzles in a beautifully rendered 3D environment in this new innovative Match 3 game.
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Cubis Gold 2 Cubis Gold 2
The sequel puzzle hit is back with a new dimension in fun! Discover exiting new game cubes, amazing new levels and crazy play modes.
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QBeez 2 QBeez 2
Join the colorful Qbeez on Q's Quest. Challenge your matching skills in Classic Mode or bend your brain in Puzzle mode.
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Treasure Island Treasure Island
Your objective is to follow the path marked on an old map and collect ancient treasures.
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Tino's Fruit Stand Tino's Fruit Stand
The opening of a large, unfriendly MegaMart across the street has put Tino's family fruit stand in danger of closing! Can you help save the day?
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Tile Quest Tile Quest
Begin the graceful footsteps of puzzle solvingin this unique puzzle game.
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Tiki Boom Boom Tiki Boom Boom
Got what it takes to be a Tiki Master? Find out in 3 exciting game modes and 300 custom levels in this unique strategy puzzler.
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The Treasures of Montezuma The Treasures of montezuma
Dr. Emily Jones is on a quest in the mountains of Mexico matching artifacts to uncover a mystery.
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The Rise of Atlantis The Rise of Atlantis
Travel around the ancient Mediterranean and collect all seven powers of Poseidon to raise Atlantis back to the surface.
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The Pirate Tales The Pirate Tales
Match your way over the seven seas as you follow the crazy adventures of pirates on their plundering journeys!
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The Da Vinci Code The Da Vinci Code
Use your amazing deductive skills to break tiles and build your dream house in this cityscape puzzler.
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Temple of Tangram Temple of Tangram
Take yourself on an enlightening trip in this marvelous and unique puzzle adventure.
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Deep Voyage Deep Voyage
Help a gorgeous mermaid take the title of royal sea gardener in this splendind Match 3, collapse game set in the Underwater Kingdom.
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Temple of jewels Temple of Jewels
Journey across the ocean, over the mountains and through the desert oasis on this puzzle adventure.
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TangleBee TangleBee
Journey through beautiful landscapes as you help untangle bees from spider webs in this original puzzle game.
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Destiny Architect Destiny Architect
Help a young magician fullfill her destiny by building up structures using magical blocks and logic.
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Doc Tropic's Fusion Island Doc Tropic's Fusion Island
Help Doc Tropic save the planet as you defuse deadly atomic chains before they reach the nuclear reactor.
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Dragon Dragon
Mysterious and fascinating adventures await the one who challenges the dragons in this matching game.
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Dragon's Abode Dragon's Abode
Travel through the mystical land of Knightshirr and match gems to bring down an evil wizard, the Master of the Dragon.
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Druids Battle of Magic Druids Battle of Magic
Take an enchanted journey through mystical lands in this exciting match-three puzzler!
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Dyno Kid Dyno Kid
Help Dyno Kid make his way around the board and search for treasure in this frantic action-puzzle game.
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Egyptian Addiction Egyptian Addiction
Explore Egyptian chambers and wipe the game board clean of matching game pieces before time runs out.
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Emo's Matchmaker Emo's Matchmaker
Love is just a few heartbeats away! It's up to you to to match Emos for a lifetime of bliss.
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Enchanted Gardens Enchanted Gardens
Create matches to restore five beautiful gardens in this delightful puzzle game.
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Fairies Fairies
Explore a mythical world of fairy lore and learn wizardly powers in this fanciful puzzler.
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Elias the Mighty Elias the Mighty
Help Elias the Mighty capture a terrible criminal and save his beloved horse in this Arcade-Puzzle game.
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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Ancient Quest of Saqqarah
Descend into the Egyptian sands to find an oasis of puzzles, treasures, and mysteries in this Match 3 dazzler.
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Legend of Ali Baba Legend of Ali Baba
Enter the homeland of Persia and help Ali Baba, a poor herdsman, win the hand of his beloved in this Match-3 lovefest.
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Ikibago Ikibago
Set sail and navigate the tumultuous seas to find the lost Ikibago jewel before your swashbuckling competitors.
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Jackpot Match-Up Penny's Vegas Adventure Jackpot Match-Up Penny's Vegas Adventure
Its off to Vegas to help Penny turn her life around! Bring in big bucks, unlock casinos, and have fun doing it.
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Jungle Fruit Jungle Fruit
Battle through stacks of barrels and release the fruits of the jungle to take the high score in this matching game.
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Jig Art Quest Jig Art Quest
This jigsaw puzzle gives you a meditative and intriguing combination of art and music to help you relax.
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Honeybee Honeybee
The Queen has formally requested your assistance in the expansion of Her Glorious Kingdom.
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Fashion Story Fashion Story
Play as Mia and help girls find their own style! Going shopping has never been this much fun!
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Feeders Feeders
Help keep the ocean clean as you match falling algae pieces to the animal that eats them!
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Enigma 7 Enigma 7
Embark on a journey to find Jane by entering an attic and exploring portals - can you match tiles of three or more to save her?
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Jump Jump Jelly Reactor Jump Jump Jelly Reactor
Help the jiggling Jellies save their precious Jelly Reactor by matching colors and to keep the vile Rockons away.
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Jigsaw World Jigsaw World
Enter a world of puzzle fun in this vibrant jigsaw game! While away the day with scores of dazzling and challenging puzzles!
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Green Valley Fun on the Farm Green Valley Fun on the Farm
Help the bug family turn Uncle Billy`s fallow farm into a prodigious plantation in this adorable match three game!
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