Mystery Case Files games

Mystery Case Files games

The very popular Mystery Case Files series is among the best known Hidden Object games in the world. Every game in the series has been a best selling award winning hit in the hidden object game genre. Mystery Case Files will have you completeing a variety of challenging puzzles and solving mysteries in incrediblely detailed scenes.

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Mystery Case Files is the worlds best selling, award winning game series developed and produced by Bigfishgames Studios.

There are currently 6 games in the MCF series and it has been confirmed that another is due for release late this year. Each game that was released added an additional feature, adding onto the previous game. MCF has also moved to other platforms with Mystery Case Files MillionHeir for the Nintendo DS and Mystery Case Files Agent X for cellphones. Early 2007 saw Mystery Case Files nominated for 15 Zeeby awards. Becasue of the huge success of MCF games there is now a huge demand for hidden object games so now we are seeing more and more developers bringing out games in this genre.

All of the Mystery Case Files games have a storyline where the player is a detective. You need to solve mysteries to advance and become the master detective. Go from case to case searching for clues in the most detailed scenes I have ever seen in a game and play challenging minipuzzles that will help unlock other area's that need to be investigated.

Many games in the Mystery Case Files series can be played free online. There is no need to download anything to play free online MCF games.

Mystery Case Files Huntsville

Play Mystery Case Files Huntsville game
November 2005 saw the release of the very first MCF game called Huntsville. This game was an imediate hit in the hidden object game genre. It also broke sales records in the casual game industry. You play as the leading detective who sets out to solve a series of crimes in locations around the town of Huntsville.This first game introduced the crime computer which you see in every game in the series [...]

Play MCF Huntsville Online

Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects

Play Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects game
Just 5 months after the release of Huntsville, in April 2006 Prime Suspects was released. Winning an award for the best puzzle game of 2006, Prime Suspects was another big hit. This time you are the detective in Capital City investigating the disappearence of the Queen's Hope Diamond. Prime Suspects introduced the flashlight which you will need to first find the batteries to power it. This game revolves around a variety of characters each with their own quirks which change each time the game is played [...]

Play MCF Prime Suspects Online

Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst

Play Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst online
MCF Ravenhearst was released 8 months later in December 2006. Follow Emma Ravenhearst as your investigation takes you to a mysterious manor in England. MCF Ravenhearst saw the addition of door puzzles. To be able to unlock a door you will need to complete a puzzle. Puzzles vary but all are challenging [...]

Mystery Case Files Madam Fate

Play Mystery Case Files Madam Fate game
Released in November 2007, Madam Fate was a much anticipated release. Leaving us wait 11 months everybody was eager to be one of the first to download the game. At a carnival, the fortune tellers death at midnight leaves everyone on edge and it's your task to investigate the carnival workers to see who is responsible. Madam Fate introduced two new puzzles, word puzzles and crystal ball puzzles. It also introduced a new way for players to find items by sometimes having to combine two items together [...]

Play MCF Madam Fate Online

Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhearst

Play Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhearst
MCF Ravenhearst was released in December 2008. Investigate the cursed estate in this thrilling sequal. Players need to find the missing pages from Emma Ravenhearsts diary by searching through more than 150 locations in and around Ravenhearst Manor. Return to Ravenhearst is the biggest MCF game to date [...]

Mystery Case Files Dire Grove

Play Mystery Case Files Dire Grove game
November 2009 saw the release of MCF Dire Grove collectors edition but it wasn't until December 2009 that the standard edition came out. 4 well known graduates travelled to a small town near Blackpool England but they were never heard from again. You need to investigate possible leads that will help you find out what happened to the 4 graduates. Dire Grove introduced video's and real live actors into the game [...]

Mystery Case Files 13th Skull

Mystery Case Files 13th Skull
The long anticipted sequal Mystery Case Files 13th Skull is the 7th game in the most poplular game series ever to be release online is finally here, just one year after the 6th game, Dire Grove. Marcus Lawson goes missing after he, his wife Sara and their daughter move into an old creepy mansion. Desperate to find her husband Sara calls you, a detective to find her husband. Can you solve the biggest mystery yet? 13th Skull can be downloaded free for PC or Mac [...]

We hope you have enjoyed playing all of the above Mystery Case Files games. As more Mystery Case Files games become available they will be added to this page to keep checking back for updates.

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