Diner Dash games

Diner Dash games

Play all the adventures as you follow Flo in all her Diner Dash games. Flo will have you running restaurants, changing diapers, washing and grooming our much loved pets and even getting physical in Fitness Dash. Be sure to keep up to date with Flo's latest adventures in our extensive collection of Diner Dash games.

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Play all of Flo's fun Diner Dash games. Play games in this Time Management game series.

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Diner Dash is a top-selling downloadable Time Management game series developed by Gamelab and produced by the very popular PlayFirst company.

Take on the role of Flo in this exciting game series as she attends to her customers needs weather it's waiting on tables, changing diapers, grooming our much loved pets, or getting physical in Fitness Dash. We also have great Diner Dash games for the kids with the all time favorite SpongeBob Squarepants Diner Dash.

Many of our Diner Dash games you can play online. There is no need to download anything to play free online dash games.

Diner Dash - The original game bought out in 2004 sees Flo building her very own restaurant empire from the ground up. The game offers 40 levels, 2 game modes and 5 types of characters.

Diner Dash 2 Restaurant Rescue game

Play Diner Dash 2 Restaurant Rescue game
Flo must help her friends in their restaurants to stop them from being shut down. Some brand new customers were added to this game like the jogger and the bookworm. There were also some additional tools added, a telephone, a highchair and a mop [...]

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Diner Dash Flo on the go game

Play Diner Dash Flo on the go game
This was the first game in the series that allows us to dress up our hero Flo. This time round Flo hangs up her apron for a passport to paradise. Just as they set sail the kitchen staff quit their jobs and as they leave the ship Flo's suitcase if accidentally kicked into the ocean. With just the clothes on her back she agrees to help out in the ships kitchen. The game has ten levels, two modes and nine customer types [...]

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Diner Dash Hometown Hero game

Play Diner Dash Hometown Hero game
This sequel saw many additions added to the previous games. Each customer has their own quirks. Possibly one of the most extreme additions to Hometown Hero is customization. In Flo on the go you could customize Flo, but in this new sequel you can customize your very own waitress or waiter and also create and design your very own restaurant. Another feature worth mentioning is that Hometown Hero has an online multiplayer mode. Play against your friends to see who's restaurant earns the most. If you don't like to compete against one another there is also co-op mode which allows you to play together to serve your customers. Playfirst also bought out additions you can purchase for a small fee. New outfits, background and even entire restaurants can be purchased [...]

Spongebob Squarepants Diner Dash game

Play Spongebob Squarepants Diner Dash game
Valuesoft has bought us Spongebob Squarepants Diner Dash especially targeted for the kids. Your kids will join Spongebob and his friends as Krab expands his Krabby Patty Kingdom, one restaurant at a time. Kids will enjoy playing with Spongebob through 50 levels in 5 undersea restaurants [...]

Spongebob Squarepants Diner Dash 2 game

Play Spongebob Squarepants Diner Dash 2 game
With much success of the first Spongebob Squarepants game this sequel was guaranteed to be a big hit from the start. This time round the kids must help Spongebob and his friends save their favorite hangout joints from Sharkey. Spongebob Squarepants Diner Dash 2 features brand new characters, loads of new challenges, more powerups, and even a surprise restaurant [...]

Doggie Dash game

Play Doggie Dash game
Walter and Scarlet have decided to open up a dog pampering business. Doggie Dash incorporates the fun from all the Diner Dash series with brand new challenges such as cleaning, grooming, and accessorizing canine and feline clients.Flo will even stop by with her faithful retriever, Skillet. Once the pets have been pampered return them to their beloved owners [...]

Cooking Dash game

Play Cooking Dash game
This time instead of Flo serving her customers we'll see our hero cooking dishes instead. Flo's chef has left to appear on a reality TV show and he's taken all the cooks in Diner Town with him so it's up to Flo herself to cook dishes for her customers. Play through 50 action packed levels in 5 restaurants across Diner Town in Cooking Dash [...]

Parking Dash game

Play Parking Dash game
Karma came to Diner Town after inheriting a property from her Great Uncle Henry. When she arrives in Karma finds that her inheritance is just an old run down parking lot behind one of Flo's diners. Karma wants to sell the property but Flo encourages her to use it to help the growing traffic conditions. Karma starts a one-woman valet parking service that will see her racking, tracking and stacking cars for her customers [...]

Diner Dash Flo Through Time game

Play Diner Dash Flo Through Time game
Flo's aunt Florence tinkers with a broken microwave which sends Flo and her gang back in time. Because Flo is a workaholic she can't help but lend a hand at restaurants such as Caveman Cafe, Pharaoh’s Feast, All Knight Diner, Buccaneer Bistro, and Snack to the Future! Play through 50 Appetizing Levels in Flo Through Time [...]

Fitness Dash game

Play Fitness Dash game
After loosing a tug-of-war competition Flo decides to open a series of gyms to help her friends get fit before the next competition. Help Flo guide her friends through workouts that will benefit their life and your pockets. Can you get Flo and her team fit enough to become the next tug-of-war champions [...]

Diaper Dash game

Play Diaper Dash game
Wilson is a tender hearted scientist and inventor. After being fired from his last job, Wilson decides to invent machine that will help make child care safe and fun. Diaper Dash has 50 huge levels, 2 game modes and 20 upgrades from stain free carpet to automatic rocking sleepers. Change diapers, put babies down for their naps and make play time fun for the tiny residents of Diner Town [...]

Diner Town Detective Agency game

Play Diner Town Detective Agency game
Diner Town Detective Agency is the first in the series to change genres. This is a hidden object game full of challenge and suspense. Bernie wants to become a real detective and needs your help to get there. There are 25 cases you will need to solve. Explore 20 popular locations throughout Diner Town for clues to narrow your list of suspects and find the culprit [...]

Cooking Dash Diner Town Studios game

Play Cooking Dash DinerTown Studios game
Gilda ask's Flo for help in TV themed restaurants. Play through 50 levels in 5 locations and meet a new team of characters such as Bookworms, Cellphone Addicts, Kindly Seniors and Students. There are also different kinds of customers such as the Director, the Celebrity and the Starlet. Stop your customers from walking off the set by preparing, cooking, assembling and serving from a delicious menu in Cooking Dash Diner Town Studios [...]

Diner Town Tycoon game

Play DinerTown Tycoon game
All the restaurant owners of DinerTown are on edge after Grub Burger moves in and starts stealing away customers with their secret ingredient X Sauce. While the popular games series is all about clicking furiously to make sure tasks are completed, DinerTown Tycoon is more about planning. You are responsible for setting the menu for restaurants and making sure there is enough ingredients for each meal your customer orders [...]

Avenue Flo game

Play Avenue Flo game
Avenue Flo is the first Dash game were we actually get to see characters like Flo and Quinn actually talk. It is also the first adventure game in the companies long running series. With a rich and diverse cast of characters from previous games Avenue Flo is going to be one hell of a game [...]

Hotel Dash Suite Success game

Play Hotel Dash Suite Success game
Quinn from Wedding Dash, decides to expand and offers her customers honeymoons as well as weddings. Quinn and her friends are restoring run down hotels. As guests start appearing you will take them to their rooms. Elevators are used to take your customers to the different floors of the hotel. There are plenty of upgrades that keeps the game interesting and challenging [...]

Diner Dash 5 BOOM game

Play Diner Dash 5 BOOM game
After Flo's restaurant is damaged a local contractor who is addicted to Flo's hash browns offers to help her out by rebuilding it. While he's rebuilding the restaurant Flo serves her customers in open air locations. Although you can't change Flo's outfit there is one huge difference to this game. You can build and customize a whole diner for the games final chapter to be released later this year. This version has added a social feature while dropping the multiplayer mode. The game supports Facebook Connect and a Medal system that records in-game achievements and with your consent announces your achievement to your FB friends [...]

Cooking Dash 3 Thrills and Spills game

Cooking Dash 3 Thrills and Spills
Flo has returned yet again in this fun new game in the Cooking Dash game series. This time you will see Flo in her past as she plays as a teenager helping the one and only Mr Big serving food at his rundown restaurants in his theme park. Play through 50 huge levels across 5 unique locations such as the tree tops, Deep Dive,the Log Jam and more. Every restaurant is different and each can be customized in a number of ways [...]

Soap Opera Dash game

Soap Opera Dash
Rosie has left DinerTown to go and film the very best Soap Opera ever but she can't do it alone. She will need your help. Help Rosie run sets and make sure all the actors are kept happy in this new exciting Time Management game! In order for Rosie to film her hit TV show she must keep things behind the scenes running smoothly. Rosie will get much needed help from her best friends! Wow the critics by upgrading your props and set locations! Do you have what it takes to help Rosie film the best Soap Opera ever [...]

All the Diner Dash games have been a huge hit with gamers of various ages. We hope that you have enjoyed playing all of Flo's games. If you would like to try more games I'd recommend you take a look at our Mystery Case Files Series. These games also have been a huge in the gaming world.

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