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Play Flux Family Secrets The Rabbit Hole hidden object game. Use your hidden object skills to help Jesse get back to the present time in Flux Family Secrets The Rabbit Hole. Play Flux Family Secrets The Rabbit Hole free version game or download Flux Family Secrets The Rabbit Hole full version game. Read the game review and get access to the complete Flux Family Secrets The Rabbit Hole walkthrough.

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Flux Family Secrets The Rabbit Hole Review

At the end of the first game Jesse was stuck in the 1980's and was unable to make it back to the present day. The Rabbit Hole starts off from where the first game finished. We first see Jesse face to face with a younger version of herself. Jesse finds her grandfather who helps her get back to the present time but in order to get back she first needs to travel back further in the past to correct some of the things that went wrong. Along the way you will get to meet historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln.

The Rabbit Hole has a combination of tradition HOG gameplay, hidden items and mini puzzles. In most scenes you will need to search for pieces of objects and when completed you will progress further into the game. Some areas will require you to move objects out of the way to real the hidden item underneath. The objects you have to find are incredibly challenging as they are usually tiny or very thin items that are not easy to spot but with the hint system that recharges quite quickly you won't find yourself spending hours looking for one tiny item. A magnifying glass will also help spot them tiny items. It lets you zoom in on areas of a scene for a closer look. All the items you find in the game is used later on in the game.

The minigames are of a mixed variety. While some include the most used games in other HOG games there are some that are unique and very challenging. All the minigames can be skipped if you don't want to play them.

In addition to the same awesome gameplay as it's predecessor, The Rabbit Hole features outstanding graphics and audio. You also have the option of playing this game in HD is your monitor and video card allows but even without HD turned on, the graphics are superb.

If you are a fan of the first in the series I would highly recommend you give Flux Family Secrets The Rabbit Hole a try. You won't be disappointed.

Play The Rabbit Hole in FULL HD
Meet a number of historical figures
Help Jesse get to the present time

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Mac Version
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Game Requirements

OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
CPU: 1GHz or faster
Processor RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 8 or higher

Gift option available
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Quality tested & virus free
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Game Hints Tips and Cheats

The game has 12 chapters.
Skip any minigame once it's recharged.
Items in blue require you to perform other actions before finding the item.
There are 10 of each kind of collectable badges you can get through the game.
Each badge will give you access to certain types of information.
Free access to the complete Flux Family Secrets The Rabbit Hole game walkthrough at BFG.

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