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AquaPark. Download AquaPark. Play AquaPark. FREE version of AquaPark. AquaPark Video, Other Free games and downloads.
AquaPark, Download AquaPark. Play AquaPark. FREE version of AquaPark. Other free games and downloads.
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Genre: Kids Game
Release Date:
22 January 2007

Game Rating : AquaPark 4 star rating

AquaPark is a very colorful and challenging action puzzler. The graphics are very attractive and the gameplay is very challenging. It will really capture the little gamers. You need to save the fish and transport them to a new safer home. Click on the fish and trap them in a bubble. Once they are inside the bubble they will float to the top where they'll be taken to their new home. Your aquarium will be more attractive the more fish you capture. Download and play AquaPark NOW!

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
CPU: 500MHz or faster
Processor RAM: 128 MB

Gift option available
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AquaPark features

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AquaPark is a very colorful and challenging action puzzler!
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User Comments

Review By - Timmy
Date - 16 May 2007
Rating -

I didn't really like this game. It would probably be ok for 5 year olds but I'm 17 and found it boring. It looks good though so I've given it two stars for the looks.
Review By - Thomas
Date - 18 April 2007
Rating -

Great game, great music and great visuals. What more can I say!
Review By - Carl
Date - 23 January 2007
Rating -

I didn't like the audio on this game but I must say that the gameplay and graphics are awesome. You wouldn't think that picking up fish for your aquarium would be to hard but the game is very challenging becasue there are so many fish in the tank. I'd probably say it's more for the younger players.

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